Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday training

So last night was 3 hours at the gym. Did the warm up, the weight work out followed by the spin class, Aimee taught tonight, hadn't seen her in like 2 years, like her and her music.

So I am wrecked, never ever go to the grocery after 3 hours at the gym, bad idea.

I am quite sure my coach is trying to kill me, 2 trips to the gym a week for the last 2.5 months and this is what he prescribed for tonight, now mind you, I have been working up to this so it is not too crazy, but damn, it hurt.

30 minute on the elliptical to warm up, 1 hour spin class cause the trainer will get old soon.

Core work spread out in between weights

5 sets of 50 with 30 pounds, back extensions, non machine, free weights
5 sets of 50 ab leg lifts on the chair
4 sets of 50 ab machine with 55 pounds

3 sets of 2, lat pull downs with 200 pounds
3 sets of 2, leg press with 690 pounds
3 sets of 2, seated row machine with 240 pounds

Now, it is quite amazing the looks this 150 pound wonder gets when he loads up that much weight on a machine and the looks he gets when he does 3 sets of 2. I tell you my legs are feeling really strong, time will tell how this all translates on the dirt.

By the way, the skinny wrestling leotard guy was back at the gym today, just in case you were wondering.

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