Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend in Review

Friday evening, lovely 1 hour on the trainer. Then Lyna and I went to Blue Plate for burgers, mmmmmm good. Saturday, woke up late, mmm good. Went for a nice long road ride with Ty, BZ, Moose and some other guy. Nice easy ride. BZ was riding his new 2 pound Scott CR1 SL road bike. Makes my 5200 feel like a DH bike. Sat night Lyna Ty and I go out for mexican ant Tres Hombres, uh, that food sucks.

Sunday lazed around the house all day, 1 hour on the trainer, watched football.

Is it me or does anyone else thing the ROlling Stones should pack up their instruments and stop. This is getting ridiculous. I hate them, really, I do, how much preservatives do thye inject into their skin.

On a related note, how many besides me feel that U2 is well on their way to being the next rolling stones?

4 weeks to racing, god can it happen soon enough?

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