Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comment Flames

I do not know how else to characterize these comments from my earlier post, I am glad people want to discuss different training philosophies, but discounting one way outright and then using thinly veiled attacks to prove their point followed by unsubstantiated doping accusations is just, well, amusing.

Well the coach is not a cat 4 and I don't think that would matter, I mean Rick Majerus coached the Utah Utes to the Championship game and I don't think he has seen excercise in years. I can not argue with the results his direction has given me, I went from a mediocre sport class racer to a top level expert in my mid to late 30's, from a climber only to an all around cyclist. I do well against people who have raced for 15+ years and I have been racing for 5. I have never since I started training with weights have had a sore upper/lower back and my power sustains itself throughout a XC race. None of that ever happened before. It does now. It could be just luck or it could be the race/recovery nature of my riding or it could possibly be that my coach is on to something. If it does not work for you, fine, it does for me, and oh yeah, several others who are coached by other people in other locations. To the commentor You seem very passionate about your disagreement. Why? And please show me the prook that Levi dopes. That accusation has to be based in some sort of proof doesn't it? I am not under any false belief that the sport is clean, but blanket accusations without proof is way to totalitarian for my tastes.

Man this is fun, interaction, wooo-hoooo

And the anonymous posting is good as well.

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