Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And I have no idea how it happened.

Well I was quite sure that I was leaving SLC for Miami on Sunday evening February 12th. I arrive at the airport to a mad house of people due to the Northeast storm. I wait in line for the self checkin and the darn thing won’t recognize me, so I then call Delta Reservations and I find out that I am an idiot, my reservations were for Monday the 13th, I ask how much to go on Sunday, they say 900 bucks, so I called Lyna and went home with my tail between my legs.

At least I got to go to the gym Monday morning. This week will be a rest week, which is good considering I am making a 4 day trip to Miami.

The Olympics are on, Shannon Bahrke, for those who don’t know, happens to be the girlfriend of one of the owners of Revolution, she got silver in freestyle moguls in 2002, this year she took 10th, the top American, how cool is it that she made the team and did so well even though she was less than a year removed from an ACL blow out.

Speaking of the Olympics, what is up with…

The country medal tracker.. Like that is all I care to see, how many we got vs. them.

The 12 Cross country skiers with too high hemocrit counts, well hmmm, could they be doping?

The U.S. skeleton guy being banned for his hair restoration drug?? I believe the ingredients are on the WADA and USADA cards.

NBC showing the events like 8 hours after they happen. I hate that.

Well Saturday BZ and I braved the cold in Davis county and rode for like 2.5 hours, Sunday, I wimped out and hit the trainer for 1.5. Ooh just crossed the CO/UT border at 540 mph and 35000 feet. I am a geek for numbers.

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