Thursday, June 04, 2009


The Wasatch has 2, count em, 2 Weekly Wednesday Night MTB series. I was worried about one or both being adversely affected by this. Word is though that each one, last night had close to 100 participants. Awesome. MTB racing is alive and well in the Wasatch.

My race went as expected in the expert A's (Pro as the promoter called it, ha) DFL. Consistent lap times, and Chris Peters assured my low self esteem, by dropping out when I was hoping for 2nd to last. I did win the 'stay in the big ring for the whole race' battle, so there is that. I also won another water bottle, which is good. Oh and I didn't crash, although I hit the downhill very conservatively.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

decker dash at decker lake ed ran this from 1993-1994 had around 100 people a week. then it moved to the dmv field criss cross 95-96-97, they had a lot of people. wedsnesdays, 1996-97 ohran ran the provo canyon race at canyon view park, tuesday nights they had about 75-100 people a week.

canyon bikes in draper used to run tuesday night races out at the horse park in draper back in 98-99.

and back in 96 they had tuesday night races at wolf mtn. aka park west aka canyons. aka the mtn with no name.

people come and people go but the racing remains constant.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya i forgot the early days, park city time trials, but it wasnt a time trial. from probly before 1990, to 1995? maybe. i started to go to a few of those in 91-92, it was a 4-5 mile loop on the east side of 40 and the south side of 248 on the way to kamas. i dont remember the name of the area, but it had a hard climb and fast dh. stenger, schwandt and the late rich perrier used to tear it up with rigid forks and toe clips.

KanyonKris said...

Did you say the Wasatch has too many races? I thought so. ;-)