Friday, March 27, 2009

Zaskar in

I got the bike built up with some lighter-personal preference parts. Had a rear de issue yesterday, today got her out for the maiden voyage. 2+ hours on Pavement, The ride was good, the remote lockout for the fork is sweet, the frame is zippy out of the saddle. Me likey.

I did a 20 minute effort up millcreek and froze my behind off on the way down. Saw Samurai, Jz, Tayler, Dave and many others out there (apparantley I saw S-BO as well, he said so when he came by to borrow the official MTBRACENEWS camera for the Fontana Pro XCT). Also check out MTBRACENEWS brand new, sweet race calendar. If you don't see your race or series on there, contact shannon at

A week away is the next entry in the intermountaincup, the ever lovely Cholla Challenge, supposed to be a bit shorter thi year, so maybe I won't have to pee 5 miles from the finish like last year. I just want to laugh at Brad.

Come hang out with me at the Dirt Coalition Tent post race. Please, I need friends.   

(that's not me in the photo) 


Lucy said...

New bike looks SWEET!

Anonymous said...

What's a Zaskar? Oh, it's Raksaz spelled backwards. Very clever.

JZ said...

I could feel the awesomeness of that machine across four lanes of traffic.

Daren said...

I like the rack to dry the dishes. Looks light and fast.

drrna said...

I'll be with you in the tent, in spirit at least. MTB races are too hard, I'm staying home.