Monday, September 29, 2008


All over the interwebs people are calling Lemond a whiner and bitter. I am sickened by this. The press and the bloggers all say he is jealous, crazy and ignorant and longing for the lime light.

I do not know any facts about any of that, but I doubt all of it and it is irrelevant. I do know that he has valid points and concerns about the sport and the clip below is not bitter, finger pointing or crazy. It is right on point.

The funny thing about Lance and his new Doctor is when you think about Lances old Doctor,

well here is fictional story;

5 years ago, I was rich, no one knew how I got so rich all of a sudden. I told them after I was living in the poor house, I worked hard and made money. Lots of my friends were associated with this gangster, Lets call him Mike Lamborghini. They all claimed he was a legitimate business man, so I got involved with him. I got richer after associating with him. He was just giving me investment tips. Mike and all my friends got convicted of crimes, but I got richer. You can't say I'm guilty just because I hung out with and took advice from guilty people. That just isn't fair. I then took some time off to date barley legal, almost anorexic starlets, but I was missing all the hard work of getting rich. So I un-retired. I want ot be transparent. So I have hired a regulator to be sure I break no rules. Thats right. I am paying somebody to make sure I am legit. Yes. I write a check and employ this person to say I am all legal and shit. I mean if I associate with people that are good, it makes me good right, thats fair, right?

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KanyonKris said...

Lemond's questions and ideas seem reasonable, but this was not the venue for it. It was lame for Lemons to ambush Lance at a press conference where he is announcing a return to cycling in support of cancer awareness. Some may say the cancer thing is a smoke screen, but regardless it still wasn't the place and time.

Maybe Lemond has this great idea for eliminating doping and no one will listen so he pulls this stunt to be heard. But now he's alienated a lot of people and perhaps done more damage to his agenda than good.

Lemond could have submitted an opinion to a cycling news outlet, or staged his own press conference.

Sorry, but I can't cut Lemond much slack on this stunt.