Monday, July 28, 2008

Jackson-Teton-Bear Attack

"Pain Don't Hurt" -James Dalton, bouncer

The Bull Elk and I headed up to Jackson on Thursday. We got there a bit too early to check into our condo, but soon enough we were in. I went out for an easy spin on my road bike and threw in a few short hard efforts. We tried to go to Dark Knight that evening , but the little theater looked to be overrun by Touron's, so we headed back to the condo. BZ and Elena showed up around 9 or so, Erika, Dusty and Monique a bit later.

Slept in Friday, tooled around a bit and went for a pre-ride of the course around noon. I love this course. Thanks to Mikey and Jay there was a line up the service road steep pitch. That evening we had a team pasta feed in the condo, around 20 - 25 people eating pasta and salad.

Saturday am was nice and cool, but it was not to last. We had 6 at the line for 40+ Chris, Fred, Alex, Karl and a local. I got the hole shot and tried to keep it smooth on the technical sections over roots and rocks, Chris was behind banging around a bit. He got around me where I expected, on the double track before the new singletrack traverse. I charged up a bit to him on the next double track section. Fred was not too far behind. Chris ended up getting by a few SS'ers on a few short climbs, I got stuck behind them on descents. He was still in sight at the end of lap one. Lap 2 i settled in a bit on the initial single track, Fred was still right behind me maybe 30-45 seconds. After I got around Jamie P (SS winner) and The Bull Elk, I throttled up in the rolling sections, taking it smooth on the steeper ones. I was likely less than a minute down on Chris going into lap 3 and less than a minute up on Fred. I kept the pace up through the initial ST again and hammered the gradual climbs, When I dropped into the deep woods Singletrack I was feeling good, when with out warning, I was attacked by something on a slow speed corner I took a bit to wide.
I felt a scratch, but nothing too bad, but when I got on a straight stretch of trail, I looked down and saw my right shin was mostly red and damp. So of course, I start freaking, I slow down, try and calm myself, and keep checking the wound. It took about 10 minutes of this before I finally realized the bleeding had stopped and I would be ok. So I ramped it up again, in case Fred was close.

I ended up in Second, again, 3 minutes down to Chris, who said he had a horrible 2nd lap. Maybe without the shin attack (i think it was a Bear) i could of been close. Fred blew up on the last lap and came in 5 minutes behind me. The weird thing about the shin, was it didn't even knock me out of my pedal, I kept pedaling and moving forward. Kind of bummed about not being able to hit the hot tub post race though.

Saturday evening we went out for Mexican, and watched a DVD and blew of the Zeppelin tribute band, cause we are old.

Sunday we were going to ride, but being old and tired led us to do a short hike and head home.

I was happy to see the 5 year old raggedy Element got 27 mpg for the trip, with the AC blowing. Gas is 30-40 cents a gallon cheaper in Jackson than it is in SLC.


Andy H. said...

Maybe if you had some hair on those legs it would have deflected the bears attack and you could have won. You never know.

Anonymous said...

I think what deflected a full blown bear attack was the sight of those skinny legs was only worth a swipe of the paw.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

midget bear?