Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of open space on the course

Well, once again, low turnout at Snowbird, I admit the course is not the most exciting, but it is a race and I will show up.

Lyna wanted to race but took the day off as her hip has been bugging her a bit. The night before the race we went to a birthday BBQ and ate salad and grilled chicken, which was a step outside of my ritualistic pre race meal, I did eat some pasta before bed though.

When we got to snowbird, it was cool, but that would not last. I did a pre race lap as part of my warm up, to remind myself how sketch the DH was, yep, sketch.

There were about 8 of us in the 40+ group, Fred made a return and right before we went off Daren asked if I was going to let Sam lead into the single track. I told him I didn't know, but this is Sam's course, he has always done well here.

Sam led into the singletrack, with me on his wheel. Fred and Daren were right behind us. We made our way to the Dick Bass climb and I got around Sam here, Fred came around me and I was right on his wheel, a bit later, as expected, Chris B motored past us, Fred slowed and I went around with Sam on my tail. On the first DH, Sam got around me towards the last couple of Switchbacks and I got around him on the short climb up above the Gad lift.

For the first 3 laps Chris was in sight on the Dick Bass climb, the last lap I lost him, and ended up coming in second 3 minutes down. Sam was about a minute behind me.

Lap times were close, although the first la was a bit fast and I likely paid for it on lap 3 and 4.



Anonymous said...

Those are some slick lap times Bob. nice work!

Anonymous said...

22 minutes.......I would have still been coming off the first singletrack..........

Judi said...

hey i am going to check your blog out some more, but i just wanted to say thanks for commenting over on my blog.