Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Am Not A Victim

I have witnessed and seen many things recently that lead me to a new rant. In the vein of this, this and this i need to rant. Although i am pretty sure my politics are far left of the previous 3, I agree about at least 1 important thing. People complain, bitch and moan and blame others way too much.

I Am Not a Victim.

give me a break.

Thats all.

Totally unrelated soliloquy;

Oh, Todd, Chocolate Milk is the nectar of the gods, it is an all encompassing encapsulation of that which is good and holy in the world. Rice milk is an abomination sent to us by the communist infiltrators via the California fault zone.

I'm (not) Serious.


Team Rico said...

dude, I've got some serious comments on that post since you posted the link

Daren said...

Chocolate Milk is the BEST recovery drink in the world. It's why I ride somedays, just to drink it post ride with no regrets.