Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is inevitable

That it will rain in the mountains, really it is. I want to ride the high alpine trails, but I do not want to ride through 6-12 inches of silt for hours on end.

I also would like it to rain in the valley, as the 24th is a few days away and my backyard once again is like a tinderbox.

On an unrelated note, Jackson Hole weekend coming up, the race is fun, the rest of the weekend is much more fun.

Tonight is the mid week race at Solitude, maybe it will rain before hand so the 12 inches of powdery silt on the service road turns into a play dough like substance.

I got these photos in e-mail yesterday.


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UtRider said...

I'd like to order some rain today around 3-4 pm up Big Cottonwood, specifically in the Solitude area.

12" of silt? Should I swing by Home Depot on the way to the race and pick up a few masks?