Friday, March 09, 2007

I really do not understand some things in life

Like how local race team politics can get out of hand so much. So an unnamed racer wants to ride for the best MTB team in the state, for the oh so few dirt races said racer will do. Great, the more the merrier, since this is a glorified hobby for most of us, even the fast locals pay to race, pay for bikes and if they are lucky get a jersey for free, I'm thinking, no problem.

Not so fast, seems like a ruckus has kicked up, different teams, different sponsors and a few people who want to take life and this glorified hobby, way too seriously.

As a leader on a large, successful team, if one of that team said, Bob, we don't have many road racers on our team, so I am going to ride for X on the road, I'd say great, just don't forget how much more fun and laid back MTB racing is. And oh yeah, don't forget to wear your mtb shoes and visor.

There are less than 5 riders in Utah who get paid to do this, the rest are quite deep into their own pockets to do it.

As Sargent Hulka Says,

Team Revolution-Peak Fasteners is not a Prison, it is a place for like minded people come together to go fast on the dirt. So if your team is bringing you down, maybe it is time for a change.


Anonymous said...

Mountain bike racers are the best! GO TEAM!

Utah Mnt biker said...

Politics just plain sucks. Look at the pissing match between the UCI and Pro-Tour, this isn't life and death. Ride and have fun for tomorrow your another day older.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you're not allowed to butter you waffles, either.