Friday, July 13, 2007

9 minute warm up, 15 minute effort

Yeah, usually, that does not work so well. Thursday night I went up to PC, or DV to be exact, to put my 50 dollar crit plate to its second use. Although I left the plate at home, I got there, warmed up for under 15 minutes, signed up, went off at 6:09, 15:19 later i thought i was gong to die, but i got a good work out in, afterwards, Rob S, Heather H and I did some exploring, ended up on some bumpy, rocky, rutted road that spit us out on the road to Kamas. Nice cool down. 3rd place in the B's, not so bad for no warm up and only knowing 1/2 the route. Plus Franken-Trek probably weighs 20 pounds. Wattage was good to.

I liked the hill climb, nice grades, can keep it in the big ring for a lot of it, low key, Gallagher mentioned getting the OK for a Heber Fair Grounds CX race/ clam bake early cx season, Nice.

Snowbird fun tomorrow, they may have got some rain up there to put the dust down, I doubt it though.

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Unknown said...

I beat you by 5 seconds with a 45 minute warm up! I'll make sure you sign in before me next time...