Saturday, October 28, 2006


So back out to the RMR for more psycho-cross. They started us a bit after the A men, which threw a wrench into my evil plans of getting lost in the other group. Oh well. I did not have a great start, was a bit timid dropping into the Grass, immediatley my rear D was skipping, great.

I think I went through the barriers on the first lap in 8th place. Got into a small group for a while and then lost them about 4 laps in. I really need to learn how to hold a wheel on straight aways. Later in the race i was trying to hold Clawson off, I was gapping him a bit in the dirt and gravel and he was gaining in the pavement. Eventully I rode away from him. I caught up with Jrad and we battled back and forth in the closing laps of the race. I screwed up the last corner and could not hold his wheel in the end, I am not sure my placing but I raced smarter this time. Last week, good start, bad strategy, this week, bad start, lost wheels and then decent strategy, hopefully i can build it all together at wheeler the next 2 races, similar to how i raced at Ogden.

Lap times were more consistent this time. First lap was slowest, last lap was fastest. Average HR of close to 175 maxed at 188.

14 laps today, only lapped once by the top 5 or so in the A's.

8th place 35+ today, still in top 3 over all as Warsocki DNF'd, so i am in 2nd now.

good times.

Kentucky won today in a defensive battle, against Miss State 34-31, they were scoring at will in the second half, man UK football blows.

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