Monday, October 02, 2006


So early to work and early home, the weather looked as if it had cleared enough to hit out for 1.5 hour ride. I headed up emigration and the skies were looking nice ahead of me. AHEAD OF ME.

So I stop at this house, which has been for sale for a while, price has dropped like 30k. I was trying to see why it was still for sale, other than being right on the road, no luck. So i put on my arm warmers and vest. ABout a mile down the canyon the wind starts kiciking up bad, I get to the construction light and sit and wait for it to turn green, a few minutes before it did, the rain came. It was pretty heavy from the start, by the tim eI got down to the post office on Sunny Side the rain was heavy as it gets, so i pull into the P.O. and wait it out, after about 15 minutes of waiting, i am getting chilly, go inside, reach for my cell phone, well it was not there, damn.

So finally 30 minte after I stopped, it cleared up a bit and I took off for the final 4-5 miles home, all downhill btw, there was some serious water running down every street, when I got close to home some 'neck in a pick up gunned it through a puddle next to me, little did he know that i was already soaked to the bone and numbed, I was so cold, jack ass.

Lyna headed out to find me, drove all the way to the top of the canyon till she saw my message saying i was home safe.

Cell phone do no good unless you got em with ya.

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