Friday, October 27, 2006

Playin Hookie

So, took the day off work, slept in, got the baldness shaved, went and found a rippin deal on some ne Snowboard boots at REI, I better use em this year. Did a quick mtb ride on part of the shoeline and then napped a bit, boy I think i could live this way every day.

Last night I made up a big old batch of chicken soup, I add noodles or rice after the fact, man I could eat that for every meal, until it is gone. Lyna is feeling under the weather, there in lies the reason i made it.

The poliitcal season is in full swing, watched my man Ashdown debate Hatch the other night and all i can say is why is it so easy to say someting that sounds great and meaningful until you look at it further and see it is a bunch of crap. Hatch kept going on with the "Top 1% income earners pay the top 5% of taxes, the lower 50% pay little or nothing." What is stuck behind that is the fact that the discrepancy between the incomes of those levels is severe. Billionaires vs. those close to or below th epoverty level. I mean it is an equal playing field isn't it??

Then this guy, LaVar a few weeks ago he said in his commercial ' If I am elected. I will not vote to allow the Democrats to take over Washington' What the hell does that mean? I think he or his writers missed some Social Studies classes.

I know it goes on on both sides, but I am a pinko, so there.

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