Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rain and rain and Rain

So lots and lots of rain over the week, Wednesday i geot a 1 hour dry ride in, Friday I got another rain ride in. I am ready to hit some trails.

Saturday a.m. I headed up to O-Town for the 2nd UtahCX race. It was a great race. It rained a lot before hand, stopped mostly rigth before we went off at 12:30, Had a huge group of over 35 A and 35+ men, I got a good start and kept steady for the whole hour, 3rd place in 35+ 13th overall, i think. It was a mud fest and a flat course, had consistent power throughout the whole race. Kept chasers off my wheel and stayed in contact with a small group in front of me.

Thanks the Chris Eldevick for letting me use his sweet Reynolds CX disc wheelset. The tread pattern on the tires helped in the mud, and the carbon rims railed the corners.

I had a few nice power slide passes on a slimy 180 turn, sweet.

Probably head down to the 24 hours of Moab to heckle peole next weekend.

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