Monday, October 30, 2006

Record of oddness; Halloween weekend

So, Saturday night was the throw down at BZ's, Chris Sherwin (he who takes care of pro MTBer kathy) and I decided to go in matching costumes. Good times. Kid Rock was there, EJ was some hussy, Sue the Ninja was stylin, the tin man fell apart early as his wife the IPOD was freakin out about porous face paint. Jones and Sue were outa control, ARock was slidin the stairs on the boogie board, Fox arrived, saw the madness and promptly left.

Good times all around, some photo evidence below.

EJ is shown his weapon

Jones and Sherwin in Battle

DOwn goes Jones! Down Goes Jones!

Kid Rock and the 'Ninja'

Miss UK post Teeth surgery

The 'Girls' Kelli and Kathi

Sunday Jen, Shannon, Kathy Chris and I hit the Shoreline for 3 hours of fun, good ride, the DH from the antennas was mostly empty of hikers and bikers so we got to go fast.

Sunday Night I headed up to wathc Ali G's Cross Cifix in Farmington, when i got there i wished i brought my bike, but it was fun to watch. I think I'll head up Wednesday night.

Kids Race

A and 35+ men Start

Really Bad Videos of
1: Thomas and Jon dicing it up
2: Brandon Chasing

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