Sunday, October 01, 2006

Parental Visit

So the 'Rents showed up Thursday afternoon, spent the weekend eating and relaxing, it has been a great visit, they head east again in the A.M. It was a good excuse to clean the house, something we are not so good at.

Friday night Lyna and I headed up to Oly Park for the 1st Utah Cyclocross series race. Lyna Took second in the women's B's. She had a last lap battle with 3rd place. I lined up with the 35+ and A men, had a good start and after a bit of dicing on the first lap, setled into the pace. Ended up 2nd 35+ and around top 10 or 11 overall. The race was cut short due to the failing light, as a result the pace was pretty high and I hit the blood tasting level of effort. It was like a STXC that was 15 minutes longer. Good times.

I should explain the Nikki thing, a few years ago, while I was registering for Wolverin Ridge XC, BZ put this picture on my top tube. I had a good race, later that year at the Durango NMBS, Kathy Sherwin kept tellin Niki about the picture and kept trying to get me to show it to her, never happened, but it was fun. Now every time some one sees or hears about her, they gotta give me crap.

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