Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rewind to yesterday

Break Room Dialogue

Alisa (co worker) : So Bob, how often do you crash?
Bob: Rarely, I try not to over do the downhills, most of my crashes are stupid and slow speed, like last Tuesday pre-riding the Draper race course.
Alisa: Hmm

Fast Forward to about 6:45'ish, Round Valley, Top of the race loop, in about 2nd to last place in expert A group, first lap, starting the DH, Right Hand sweeping, rocky loose turn.

Front wheel disappears, left hand crunches on something, handlebar jabs into my hip, right leg grinds up on rocks, bike goes into brush. I jump up, to get outta anyone's way, start trying to relax and check tio see if hand is broken, i hang out about 5-10 minutes, then ride down and DNF and clean up.

Today my hand is sore, I feel like someone punched me in the hip and i got some good trail rash.

I blame Alisa.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

You said you were "just resting" when I passed you. I should have known better. Here's to a speedy recovery.

KanyonKris said...

Sorry your number came up on the crash roulette wheel. Glad nothing's broken (that you know of).

Blackdog said...

Ouch. On the other hand (no pun intended) you could have been me and had to watch a dance recital. The parking lot was more dangerous than running through the middle of a demolition derby screaming nascar sucks.

IamMatt said...

Glad it wasn't something worse. Not saying that this wasnt bad... just saying..

The Neil said...

That's funny, I had the same conversation at work yesterday, but I IMMEDIATELY countered with "knock on wood", and escaped yesterday's short track unscathed.

Knock on wood for today's ride. And tomorrow's. And basically all my rides.

Anonymous said...

bummer on your closer trail inspection.......i crash a lot!!! mostly from going to fast or riding without suspention or using 6 gram weight weenie parts or just clipped in and looking down in the parking lot.

ehhh...i buy a lot of band-aids