Sunday, May 10, 2009

stealing from the rich

Sherwood Hills was on the old course, as the snow had melted away, good times.  I showed up at 9 am to support Revolutions lone beginner and to hang out with Ryan et al.

Ty, Kelly, Greg, Jeremy, Justin and I went out and did a lap of the course for a warmup. It was in good shape. And the weather was in the mid 50's to 60's perfect for racing.

I think there were around 12 or so expert 40+ at the start line, we hit the start loop at a good clip and I am on the front, Tim comes around me a bit later then halfway through the first lap BK is with us, we have a gap on the group, at least I think we did.  BK comes around me on the last short up before the single track DH, Tim comes around me on the dirt road dh and we put a gap on BK, he then just motors past us on the start of the climb, I try to keep Tim in site. On lap 2 I let off the gas a bit as I wanted to hold some reserves (ha) Tim was about 30-45 seconds ahead of me here. Halfway through lap 3 I see the under armor wearing guy, but I gap him in the single track, He motors past me on the climb to the lap spot, I am now in survival mode. Halfway through lap 4 DC catches and passes me pretty much exactly where he did last year, I am in the 22-32 and suffering.  Several of the 30-39 racers I passed passed me back like I was standing still.

Lap times (main lap not including start loop or finish twisties)


The lap has no place to hide or recover. Around 500 feet of climbing in  less than 2 miles, then most of the descending is broken up between short hi speed double track and pedally twisty single track and the false flat down hill.  I was good until about 1:10 into the race, that is when my HR and speed took a dive and I was in survival mode.

Right on track.

BK is a mutant, I won't even mention what he ate not 45 minutes before our start.

I did a 3 hour ride from home to shoreline from zoo to city creek, up to the antennas and home, got a real good sunburn, worked in the yard and now I am blown, oh and 1-800flowers failed, my mom did not get her flowers, crap.

In other news the Solitude Mid week series will be back, Wednesdays this year, first 4 races at Round Valley area starting May 27th, last 6 at the 'Tude.  The website will be updated soon.

I still don't have any more news on the Labor Day weekend endurance race, as soon as I do, I'll let ya know.


Anonymous said...

i'll mention it, it was kippers. some slaty fishy in a tin....yikes, or the secret weapon food.

Daren said...

Bob, Tuesday nights please. Then I have no temptation to do RMR at all. Please, please.

Anonymous said...

round valley??? cool beans!

Brad Mullen said...

Round Valley is back - like in Park City? Yahoo! Sounds like you and ER Dog had a similar race.

Rick Sunderlage said...

every time i've seen BK in the past 2 months, he has had one of those tin cans with fish in it. He may be on to something but NOTHING is worth eating that crap.

JZ said...

Bob, thanks for whatever hand you had/have in keeping the Solitude series alive and adding some PC races to boot. Are they going to be one point series?