Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Intervals, the doctor says they are boring and dumb, he may be right, did two 10 minute pushes tonight and tasted blood, got dizzy and overheated, ran into Mikey as he was heading down from Big Mt.

Tailgated a group of Ski/Utah and Visit Salt Lake riders up most of EMi before I hit the first effort.

My power tap hub is loose, way to loose to be riding for 2+ hours.

All the while Lyna and Nathan were building a fence in my backyard, guess I should go make dinner.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I love intervals. I was sick all last night and could barely keep my breakfast down this morning after doing intervals on the DMV hill last night. I'm hoping that there's some measurable benefit to this once the events I actually care about roll around.

drrna said...

I did intervals at the DMV too. I would rather pay to have someone else hurt me, that's also why I do MTB races. Oh, the public embarrassment aspect is a bonus as well.

Blackdog said...

Every time I throw a leg over the bike it looks like I am doing intervals. Last night hurt. Up Clarks to Jacobs ladder and down Ghost falls. I think I set a new record for slow. Maybe I should change my name to Clyde Snail.