Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'Group RIde'

We handed out Team Revolution Peak Fastener Kits at the shop last night, plan was to then do a jaunt up to the Temple Quarry trail and back. Ty and Ryan were planning on riding corner canyon and no one besides BZ and I showed up to ride so BZ and I decide to go with the corner canyon option. Ryan was going to meet us at the EQ center at 7, Ty went home to get changed and get his Scalpel. He shows back up at the shop at 6:35. I estimated around 45 minutes easy pace to teh EQ, well Ty had other plans, it took us about 21 minutes to get to the eq. Ty led from the shop to 123000 south on 700 east, we averaged about 29mph in that stretch. Then we climbed clarks (heckled some teamates building the beginings of a new trail) Then climbed halfway up Jacobs ladder and descened that and ghost falls, checking out, but not riding the wall (part of the Icup course) We then made it back to the EQ and BZ< Ty and I had to ride back to the shop, BZ started the attacks on 1300 east, and Ty followed, I just tried to hang on, then I made an attack on Pioneer road and just prayed to get caught soon. Ty and BZ then just pulled my old ass in the rest of the way.

I was gonna hit the mid week race tonight, but not now, got a good enough workout in last night.

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