Monday, October 03, 2011

Whoaaaa, Heyyyy

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I actually raced my bicycle this past weekend. In fact, I did it twice, or 4 times, dependent on your perspective.

The last month or so have been full of giggle rides, Alpine fun, night rides, etc... Oh a trip to London thrown in between.

So my good friend Jen and her buddy Jo planned on doing the 6 hours of frog Hollow race, so we finally talked Shannon into doing it Duo with me.

Shannon and I drove down together after my Thursday night dead battery and his Friday am bike rack incidents.

We got to the base camp near Virgin at @ 6:30. Jen and Jo had just finished a pre -ride, we set up camp, talked a bit and went to bed. Slept pretty well in the back of the truck, which was nice.

Shannon went first, since he wanted to ride on the same lap as Jen, so Jo and I hung out for a bit, then went and warmed up, Shannon had a rough first lap, but recovered enough to come in with only 3 people in front of him, I took off and passed one of them (newby) on the climb, had a blast and pulled out a lap time that ended up being the fastest on the day, totally unexpected.

Shannon passe the other 2 people on his 2nd lap (1 duo team and 1 solo) and from there we just kept rolling and growing the gap, we ended up as the fastest team, the only team close was a Duo coed team who ended up @17 minutes behind us.

Even better as the fact that Jen and Jo crushed it for the W in Duo women, Jen had the fastest female lap and Jo recovered from a 1st lap mechanical which had her running the last 1/2 mile.

Super fun day.

Afterwards, we collected our winnings, packed up and headed north. 4 hours in the car post race made for sore bones and muscles when I arrived home.

Lyna worked the UTCX registration table all day and still managed to pull off 4th in a strong Women's B group.

Sunday Morning came too early, I packed back up and headed to UTCX #2. I raced the single speed race, had a bad start a not so bad middle and end, but had no power available. I did keep it upright and had 'fun' and got myself some season points. Now i am tired and ready to sleep.

The best part of the weekend, as always, was hanging out with the community, seeing people from near and far, heckling, laughing and suffering together.

rough life we lead.

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