Monday, August 29, 2011

No racing report.

Sorry Rabid, racing, for me at least, is on hold until Cyclocross starts. Well, except for one last race at the Solitude.

Speaking of Solitude, last week, I lined up with the 'Pro's' proceeded to get popped off the back on lap one, almost, quit, decided just to ride for fun, had fun, dropped my HR to 130 for lap 2 and 3 and finished '6th' (out of 7 starters, with one DNF (the DNF'er is the guy with the steak)) I did win 3 pro bars and a pair of sexy black Cannondale gloves in the raffle, so Yay me!!. I will attempt to not come in last tomorrow night, but if I do, oh well. Every year I say I am downgrading to the Expert group in the midweek, then I remember that, um, yeah, I'd rather be at the back of the fast guys group than in the front of the almost fast guys group. Not everyone feels this way apparently.

Last week I got an email from a local sports association, it went out to their whole list, which i'm on, since at one time i did a few of their events, seems like they want to help another group of organizers out, which sounds great, except, um, nevermind, I then got into a back and forth email discussion with the leader of said association. I may not have come across clearly, but i was only trying to warn them that they would get a negative response due to how they messaged the announcement. I was then called close minded and other things. I gave up.

Grizzly would have a blast with this, but he is busy eating carbs and wearing compassion socks.

So, i actually road my dirt bicycle 3 times this weekend. Friday evening Mill creek up to Canyons overlook and back with Ty, Twitchie, Carl, Lucy and Drew. Lights needed on the way down giggly fun. Repeat the lights needed on the way down Saturday with Ty and Drew on the Mill D loop. Sunday was a solo flyer up PC way, hooking up The new armstrong climb with many well used trails in a counter clockwise loop of giggles.

I did not pre ride any of the Point To Point course cause;

1. I am not racing it this year
b. I have never pre ridden any endurance course.

I will, however, be filling bottles with piss and vinegar at the silver lake feed zone saturday.


JZ said...

Rabid said...

I will wait patiently for cross season. Or whatever you call it. Also, will that be piss 'n vinegar mixed or separate bottles of piss 'n vinegar? This is crucial information. I have friends racing that point 2 point, and I'm not sure they want their piss mixed with vinegar (think of the resulting hangover from that combo.) I might show up at one of the aid stations so as to fix a flat if needed. Trouble is, I'll have to learn how to fix a flat between now and then.