Monday, October 31, 2011

Double CX in Utah

Interesting Phenomena the Double CX weekend in Utah, almost 500 racers Saturday, about half as many Sunday. Commitment check everyone, come on.....

I dressed up for Saturdays SS race, luckily no one got good photo evidence of my hotness, so it will just have to be stuff of legend. I was still not feeling 100%, but i got a good start in 2nd wheel, Rico kept playing with us for half the race, stopping by the side of the trail, trying to pull me back to the group, etc.... I picked of someone halfway through the race and stayed in that position. 6th Place. One more lap I may have been able to move up a place.

Saturday night Lyna went a watched Real Salt Lake Dominate Seattle, good fun.

Sunday started with some good soreness. I set up the team camp with help and got in 1 lap of the course and then warmed up on the trainer. The Single Speed field was about the same size as the day before, with a slightly different cast of characters. Mikey got the hole shot, followed by Jay and I, into the sand, Jay dabs and Mikey gets a gap. Jay and I stick together for a bit, On lap 2 I go to the front of Mikey and we trade the lead a few times, later Chris comes around and puts in quite a gap, for the rest of the race, until the final lap (4) i was mostly alone, with glimpses of jay every now and then. On lap 4 he was closing on me. Coming up the hill by the bridge he was right with me, so i just went hard enough and then by the bathroom put the hammer down for the sprint. Ok, not so much a hammer. I barely held him off, maybe half a wheel, ouch, that hurt. He had a bit less gear inches than me which made it harder for him to get through that sand and harder for me to hold him off in our sprint. Dang that hurt, a lot. I like finishing with large gaps between me and others, so i can coast.

Lyna had a great weekend of racing again.

5th on Saturday after her normal anti aggressive start in the back of the pack.

3rd on Sunday after a bit more assertive a start (we discussed how important the start is at length Saturday on the way to the game) and stopping on the last lap to help Gigi get on her bike.

I'm a bit sore again, but it was too much fun.

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