Sunday, October 07, 2007

Utah CX #2


The week in between CX#1 and #2 saw me miss work twice due to a nasty cold, Friday being the most recent day off. Friday night I was not even going to go up to Heber to support Lyna. Saturday morning, however, I woke up and felt human. So I gathered my crap, including all my cold weather gear and we headed to Heber.

The weather held for most of the race day, only spitting on us here and there, however the course still included some serious mud. Which led me to not pre-ride.
Lyna had a slow start but made here way up in the race, she ended up 5th, however 3rd and 4th were within reach for her.
I got a good warm up on the trainer under Racers canopy, got a call up for the front line, for my finish last week. I had a decent start, pushed it a bit, the first barriers came up on me sooner than I expected. But I made it over ok, the first bog came up and we all bogged down, Warsocki took the worst of it, going to a complete stop.
For the first couple of laps I was running top 5 and pulling people back. My body just did not have it in it to sustain. At the point that Kracht and Jay B came around me, I could not get the rear D out of the 34, eventually I kicked the derailleur and it started shifting again, I just slogged through the rest if the race, literally and figuratively and finished right ahead of a charging Linde, for 9th place.

Thanks to Chris S for letting me ride to his House and then he actually cleaned my bike for me and let me shower, that was much appreciated. He had a good race in the B's for a top 5.

Then it was over to TC's for some food and fellowship. Good times, yep and good food.


Eat Sleep MTB said...

Your last post looks fun, this looks like hell. Maybe I should HTFU and try it.

Daren said...


Thanks for all the pictures. They are great. You did well for not feeling well. See you Saturday at RMR.

Anonymous said...

The photos rock! Lyna has a future in photography.