Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, Granny Gear has thrown the smack down to at least one person. Um, I hope they did the same to other teams, cause singling out one person blows. just a quick perusal of some Utah teams I know have people racing down.

Now for something like 24 hours of Moab, I don't think it matters, but if they are going to regulate, the damn well better build criteria and xact rule and damn well better have someone enforce the rules.

I think Beginner/Sport/Expert/Pro and some age categorization is good, it grows the sport and keeps people from getting too discouraged. The answer is for people to be honest with there abilities and fitness and cat up to challenge themselves.

People who complain, damn well better look in the mirror. People who cat down, usually have a good reason, If i am only able to get 25% of the riding I am used to, don't race for a few years, get sick and make a comeback, cat'ing down is OK. If I got 3 friends doing a 4 person team at some 24 hour race and my fitness has left for the year, i don't think cat'ing down is a big issue, reality is, my history at 24 Hrs of Moab hhas been racing as an expert when i was a mediocre Sport class rider. But again, The opportunity was there.

Telling a Semi=Pro or Pro that heir only choice is Sold/Duo or Coed Pro Am is ridiculous. Why? Well Solo is for a few tweaked out freaks, Duo is likely harder than solo for most, Coed Pro/Am requires a woman on a team, Uh, yeah have you done a count of Men vs. Women racing bikes?

Bring back the open cat, that will work it all out.

In the end this sport, for me, is about pushing myself and trying hard, it is also about building community. I have to be honest with myself and about my abilities, which means I at some poinrt, may need to cat up, or even cat down. Again, be honest, you may be surprised.

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