Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dang, that was one crazy weekend

Friday was begun with work, of course, stopped by the shop and found Twitchy putting together my new road rig. Built up mostly with parts from my old one. Thanks to Ohran for the frame/fork/cranks and Eldevick for the seatpost and bar. And of course the twitch-meister for the build,

Wow this bike rides nice, 45 minute spin Friday evening, felt effortless. I love me some SI alloy cranks.

Friday night was a 'Utah Bachelor Party' for my buddy Tyler, consisting of Sushi and Go cart racing. I am pretty sure I got whiplash on the second round when 5 people put me into the wall on th second corner.

Saturday I slept in, made it out to the RMR for UTCX#3 Lyna was in the wedding so unable to race. I was in the wedding but figured the math in my head that I could race, shower and make it to Silver Fork in time. The course was hard, I am not a fan of that much pavement, But Linde, Dave, Gary and I had a good thing going, Chuck made it up to us after Gary went off the front and Dave dropped, but took a digger on the off camber gravel. I tried to shed Linde a few times in the last 3 laps, no Bueno. I then went into the grass section tooo hot and Linde came under and around me. I was pretty sure who ever got up the grass first was gonna take it, i was right and i gave up there, I did ride the 'run up' 75% of the time, and it was 6's in speed, but 1 less time off the bike per lap. It was good to have a battle, and good to see the front group so close and good to see i have gained some non climbing speed.

The wedding, I made it to silver fork by 3:30, wedding was to start at 4, well it did not start till 4:30, I sat and waited around, took control of the groom and best mans need to get dressed and relaxed. Nice time, made it home early and proceeded to obsess over Shannon B's solo effort at Moab, by midnight he was in the top 4, so I went to bed, woke up this am and it looked like he called it at 5am, Ty told us he got a ride back to the camp on his 11th lap, his body gave in, still an awesome ride. at the front for 17 hours.

I think I will go for a recovery spin today, mostly to combat the damn sore neck from the go cart racin not the cx racin.


Forrest said...

Need your email, got some great pics of your dual with Linde.

UtRider said...

Sweet bike.