Monday, July 17, 2006

Snowbird Mountainbout

Friday after work i went to get an hour in on the road, easy spin for the day before racing. It was almost 105 degrees the whole ride. Man, that is way too hot. Came home made dinner, watched a bit of 'Cable Guy' and went to bed.

Woke up Saturday a.m. anticipating pain and suffering at Snowbird. This course is evil, the always low racer turn out proves the point. 3.5 mile laps, close to 1000 feet of true climbing per lap, sketchy, loose, dangerous downhill. We started right after the pro's again. Only about 10 of us i think. Sam got the hole shot into the singletrack and i was on his wheel. Rich was dangling behind us and caugh on halfway through the singletrack, then we popped out onto the Dick Bass Highway climb, exposed, rocky, steep. I got around Sam and opened up a small gap by the top. Sam and Rich got by me on the descent, i got ontheir wheels though and by the time we pulled through the statrt/finish (at 22 minutes, which boded ill for later), we where all together,then Rich dropped his chain, Sam made it over the top first on the 2nd lap, me second, Rich got by mme on the DH again. The next 2 laps i was just trying to survive and not loose a podium place. I DH'd better on the last 2 laps, as I figured out the lines. Ended up 3rd. With the heat nd the shorter punchy climbs, i was happy about that.

Lyna took 5th in sport women.

Here is the elevation profile for 4 laps.

Saturday night we went up Big Cottonwood canyon for Drew and Lucy's wedding celebration, it was a nice evening in the cool mountain air. They are off to Peru to mountain bike at some serious elevation.

Sunday, Ty, Shannon, Jen, Lyna and I headed up for 3 hours on the upper DV trails. Midmountain to Team Big Bear to Flagstaff loop (around it 1.5 time) Down Deer Camp to Naildriver to twist and shout, to some Black Diamond DH run. We dropped Ty off there then the rest of us headed to PCMR via mid mountain and back via John's 99 and little chief. Nice day, I was way shot afterwards.

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