Monday, July 10, 2006

DV NORBA XC report

Saturday 5 am came quite early on my alarm clock. I really wish the race was later, but the cool mountain air made it much nicer. Made the waffles, then Lyna and Iheaded up to DV. Got ready and warmed up for about 45 minutes. They lined us up and it looked to be less than 15 of us in the 35-39 expert class. The only ones I knew were Pilling, Sam Moore and series leader, Dave Wilson. I wanted to be towards the fron going p Little Stick, as not to get behnd any slower DH'ers on the down hill. The switchbacks had turned into rutted messes, so I knew people would be going slower.

Well off the start, past the feed zone, i found myself up front, and not pushing it too hard, I went into the first singletrack section in front and settled into my pace. Once we popped onto the little stick doubletrack 5 got around me, I let them go. Going down the first long descent we start catching lots of earlier starters, most let me around easy enough. At the bottom, I catch up with one of my cat riders, i get around him on the ski run climb and just keep it steady. I continue to catch and pass other cat riders. 1st lap time, about 38:30.

Second lap, I continue to pass other cat riders and see no one closing on me. Well, except for Scott Fifield a 40-44 rider, who crushed it. I railed the dh on the second lap, no brakes through braking bumps is much smoother. 2nd lap time around 39:15.

3rd lap i was a bit more careful on the DH, got stuck behind a slow rider on deer crest for a bit, HR dropped. Going up the ski run climb i saw Henneman coming, he is in an older cat, but i wanted to hold him off. I went hard on the climb up to the road and up snow top and had a clear path on the DH. On the slight up to the guard house I was really suffering, but in the end i held him off. Finish time was 1:59:14. the course conditions were slow, the course had a bit extra added to it and my time was only 21 seconds slower than the pedal fest, which had super fast conditions.

I ended up 5th place, which will get me an invite to be on team USA for Master Worlds again (I got this in 2004 as well) I won't go, but it is kind of cool.

Seems like the form is coming, staying and getting better. I wish nationals were in Mammoth, i am building to that date and that terrain with only Jackson Hole Icup to race. What a shame.

What is up with Velonews not giving much coverage to the DV race? has nthing either. They are kowtowing to the tour and a select few riders, what crock.

We need to take it back, really, we do.

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