Friday, July 07, 2006

Prep Week

Only worked on Wednesday this week, took the rest off, very nice vacation time. Prepping for the Norba at Deer Valley.

Wednesday I went up and did the Soldier Hollow race, nice one hour effort chasing the D2 Euro Pro on his cross bike. I took second. Got home, helped finish Lyna's prep for the Marathon on Thursday. She was super nervous. We got the DV early and she picked up her number and everything and headed to the start. The non pro's did 2 laps, brutal course. Lyna was looking good coming through the feed zone after her first lap. She did a consistent lap time to finish at about 5:42 for first in Womens 30-39. She was the only starter, but hey, she did it. I am super proud of her. More of this to come for her.

Eric Jones rpped for 3rd in open men and Sue Abenne took 2nd in open women. We spoke with Monique Sawicki and her husband Ron after the awards, wow she is commited and focussed as well as super down to earth. She had a horrible crash at a world cup a few weeks ago, wow.

On a sad note, toards the finish of the marathon they rushed someone down off the course and were working on him for 15-20 minutes before life flight came, I hear they never loaded him on the copter, sad. Not sure what happened. Maybe a heart attack, sad.

Tomorrow p early for the XC, I feel like ripping it up, we will see.

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