Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm a bit tired and sore.

But not as sore as Mark.

I think I have ridden about 12 of the last 14 days, 2 of those days were CX races, the rest were MTB rides on the Shoreline up by the U and one MTB jaunt in Corner Canyon yesterday.

The CX race on the 19th at Wheeler was a bit rough on me, took 8th in a strong field. I just didn't have any pop in my legs. Feeling like the fumes of the MTB season had finally disappeared. I did get the debut the new super hero suit though. Plus it was muddy, which is always good fun. I remain 3rd in the SS standings, but expect that will disappear by the end of the season (2 races left)
Wednesday night we went to Pie Night at a Canadian friends, mmmm Pie, it was good. Thursday Lyna and I both got out on the shoreline, i rode with Erik H for a bit, then with Lyna, before I went home and started our small thanksgiving dinner. MMMMM turkey.

Saturday was Clammy Cross down Merkin Fark way. Team was kind enough to 'sponsor' the series in a small way. I headed down early to set up the team tent, and proceeded to snap 2 pieces of the frame. Yay me.

photo credit - Flahute
The course was a fun one, Parking lot start, short service road to woods, downed log crossing, steep pitch, up a cart path, high speed singletrack traverse, with hidden rocks, followed by a highspeed singletrack descent with more hidden rocks, multiple 180's in the grass, then back into the woods for the BMX section. Back onto the grass for a few straightaways the intermittent 5 barrier section (seriously Josh, WTF is up with your brutal barrier ideas. 5 in a row...... the 5th one being far enough away to make one wonder if getting back on the bike was worth it (it was) and at Friday night lights i had to dismount 33 times) Ok, other than that. I love d the course.

I lined up on the 2nd row. Cause I don't want to get in anyone's way. I proceed to be almost last going into the dirt. At the top of the climb, I am in about 5th or 6th, I stay in that spot till the end of lap one when i move up to 2nd. On the 2nd climb, Chris gets by me and Stewart, Rick and Rich are close behind me. I start gaining on Stewart on every section but the climb and he pulls away on the climb. On lap 4, I think, I get past him on the grass before the barriers, he comes by me again on the climb, next time in the grass before the barriers, I go past him and gap him, next thing I see him in the pit pumping up his tire. Chris is about a minute ahead the rest of the race, he was crushing the climb. Rich hovers between 20-40 seconds behind me, making up time on the climb, but, i gained time on the other sections. Ended up 2nd, which was unexpected, but damn it hurt, a lot. We did 9 laps, which took me about 66 minutes. Chris probably took 60. Lyna did not have much fun in the race, time for some time off the bike for her. Sunday E-Pow, Kathy, Chris, Mark, Alex, Ahmi, sally and I hit the CC trails, from the EQ to potato hill, out Annes, out to the air park and back, Awesome trail conditions, a bit of packed snow in sections on annes, no mud at all. Good times.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Nice work Saturday. Sunday was a bit more fun.

JoshuaMcC said...

Sorry to hear Lyna didn't enjoy herself. Did she not know about the pie?

Rabid said...

Merkin Fark? I had to read that, like, four times before I knew what you were talking about. Duh. I live there. (But obviously I'm not from there.)

Thomas G said...

This is a great read! Really enjoy all your blog posts!

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