Monday, November 14, 2011

Golf Course CX

The week post 24/5 Hour races are brutal, whether you raced or supported, you are blown and have about 8 tons of shit to unpack, wash and organize. Lyna and I got through that as best we could. Friday am was a meeting up PC way in regards to 2012 RaceUSCS races.

Friday afternoon I got in a short spin on the Shoreline, which I though might be the last of the season.

Saturdays forecast was looking a bit rough. Not only that, but racing SS on a CX course with a 175 foot climb with 8%+ grades makes one wonder whether or not they should change the rear cog out for a bigger one, well, that is too much like work and the 2010 version I was able to make the climbs, so up to Ogden I went.

When I arrived the wind was whipping and some rain was falling. I set up the team tent and went and spoke with Matt and Greyson, who informed me that contrary to their intent, the climb was routed straight up the fairway, which meant 10%+ grades.

I went out and rode a lap on my geared bike, the climb was ride-able on it. I expected it wouldn't be on the SS. Also, the course was getting sloppier and sloppier, mmmm, fun.

I ended up without much of a Warm up, too much socializing. Oh well, I got to the start right on time, got my call up and proceeded to flub getting into the pedals. I was off the back from the gun, luckily (for the time being) my gearing helped me get back to the front 5 before the climb.

The Climb, wow, talk about a selection maker. I was able to ride about halfway up the steep part, and then I ran/walked to where i would remount.

The thing was, I don't know if it would of been faster to dismount sooner, and then the remount area was confusing, as the grass was soaked and soft and getting back up to speed was difficult, and then there was one more short, steep section to ride over. Suffice it to say, that if you were geared in such a way that you could ride all of the climb, you won. Joe was, and Did.

The photo is me, doing it wrong up the BITCH somewhere in the middle of the race.
utcx nov 12

This section about 2.3rd's of the way into the course was tricky, muddy with potholes and ruts.

Here I am, with the winner, on lap 1.

Oddly enough, I stayed upright the whole race. I may have been to conservative, but on the bike is significantly faster than on your ass. I think maybe if I wouldn't of flubbed the start, I may have been able to be 4th or 5th, putting people on the ropes early can change things in the end. It did for me, I was on the ropes early and dug way too deep to come off, which hurt me on the last few laps.

By the Time Lyna raced it was snowing and sticking, making it a different type of slippery, she fell victim to the evil slip and slide on lap one, losing several places as a result. She rode her MTB, which was good on the climb, but maybe not so good everywhere else, 6's in the end.

We both finished 7th. And had fun.

Sunday, after some laziness and a costco trip, I headed out on the Hardtail for a recon mission on the shoreline. the Zoo climb, all the way up to roller coaster were firm, with 1 sloppy section.

So there is dry dirt available for a bit more. YAY!!!!!!


Blackdog said...

Any news on PC50 2012? I hope you do not change the course at all.

JonathanN said...

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