Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Park City Point2Point

I'm guessing it is official now.


Jride said...

Ohhh yeah! It is official. Splash page is up - - thepcpp.com. Follow us on Twitter: #pcpoint2point and check the video from Saturday mornings recon @ YouTube (thepcpp is the channel name).

Mark your calendars - September 5th. Plan on at least 70 miles of straight up ripping 1-track. The climbing on the first 21 miles Saturday was about 2,700' - so I'm thinking around 10K total. We are going to have Solo categories and Duo cats.

Watch for the details to start unfolding on the website (thepcpp.com). Get out and start training!

JZ said...

The PCPP! He said pee pee! (Insert beavis and butthead laughter here). Sounds cool can't wait. A two man team sounds like the perfect pre-LotoJa training.

Andy H. said...


The Neil said...

LotoJa seems like the perfect solo PCPP cooldown.