Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunshine and Wind

Weekend update.

Thursday; nice spin on Cotton Bottom loop with a side trip up Mill Creek to almost the gate. Pick up Rod and Chris at airport at 11pm.

Friday; 60 degree knuckle drag session at Brighton. Friday night was Dinner with Ty and Chad, to see them off on their European road trip. Team Shannifer showed up as did Fist o' Fury and a few others.

Saturday; we did the obligatory PC shopping trip.

Sunday; hung out ate Einsteins and dropped them off t the airport, it is always good to reconnect with old friends, they have been in our life for 17 or 18 years, never lose touch. Later that afternoon I took the hard tail out on the shoreline, I felt slow, maybe it was the cold and wind.

Monday I met up with Kday, Skid, Tolbert, Dave Welsh and Vito for a session on the shoreline. Went a bit hard a few times, hit bobsled and came home right when it was getting dark.

No photos, sorry.

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chris said...

love the blog. so openly honest and touching. and did you say "I almost ate bush"? anyway,link me up