Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In Passing

Well, On Monday, for the second time in about 12 months I slept for about 20 hours of a 24 hour period (not straight thru mind you) Woke up refreshed an raring to go. Just weird. Maybe I was stressed, depressed, sick or tired or some combination, either way, it is gone and I feel better and move on.

Things that have made me think too much recently.

Why Do I like shows like Quantum Leap, The Drew Carey Show and think that most everything (Except Battlestar Galactica) that is on TV now is trash (Besides being over the hill and all)?

Why to elite MTB racers insist on running silly, thin side-walled, low tread count light tires on Race courses with Cacti, Thorns and sharp rocks, especially when there is little or no hills involved? I mean the weight savings is negligible and the risks too high.

Why don't I listen to the Cross Doctor in terms of equipment choices?

Why do people say 'I haven't trained' when they have ridden there bike for over 10 hours a week for months?

Why do people say 'I haven't ridden' when they mean. I have put hundreds of hours on the road bike, but the MTB has gathered dust?

Are not the previous 2 entries the true definition of SANDBAGGING?

is the practice of purposely placing oneself in a weaker position so as to give the deceptive impression that one is less skilled than one truly is.

Why do people use a lack of using a training tool (HRM, Powertap, etc..) as a badge of honor. I mean, Eddy didn't use a powertap (I betcha that if they existed he would of) I haven't always used one, but really enjoy having one. Training on perceived effort is good, but can you really tell the difference between 180 watts and 210 watts, cause that difference means something to me?

Why do people say they only race for fun, but get hyper competitive during the race, so focussed on the local weekend race that they can't even converse with the rest of the merry fools at the start line?

(Late Edit)
Why does Versus, UsaCyling, cyclists in America et al still have the hots for Lance?He is retired, has dated one of the anorexia twins and spent too much time with movie stars. He used a well made (doped?) team to help him win one race, multiple times, which is impressive, but move on. Go ride yer bike, look at the new heroes. The Burke S's. the Bart G's. Give me a break, it is like the tour is the end all be all of bike racing. Uh, did you see the Ronde coverage on Sunday, that is bike racing. Lance, Schmanze. done.

Why is Trek really breaking contact
(watch out, parental advisory there) with Lemond? My thought is is a left over of CZAR Lance and his minions not wanting anyone to soil his 'good' name. Jerkoffs.

Maybe Cannondale, or Pacific or whatever they are called, will jump on.

Why do I even care?


reabbotted said...

Isn't it a little bit hard to support LeMond anymore? The guy has turned into jilted old lady constantly complaining about what could have been. If he had just been a gracious, retired bike racer, he would have cleanly sailed into the history books. The guy soiled his own name. I don't blame Trek for dropping him.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

need sleepy, 20 hrs is a lot, i got 12 though. drew carry sucks watch the hills. tires dont matter, its about attraction.

Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica was on when I was 12. it's still going? WTF? never heard of those other shows. Word! on the lance Comments. Have you seen those FRS spots on the web where he's wearing a sleeveless shirt? Puffy!

Anonymous said...

Sand and deep gravel river beds at the cholla. Leave your skinnys at home.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I think bike racers want to be able to say "I am fast, and I don't even have to try". That or they want a good excuse, just in case they suck at the race directly following their "I haven't been training" comment. I train and I still stuck, so what.

I have a difficult time looking down on Greg Lemond. After all the training, having to put up with the French riders the way he did for all those years, then after all those years getting beaten by the same guys because they were now doping, would probably make me pretty bitter too.

MtbAllDay said...

One good thing about Lance was the number of people that gave cycling a try.

Everyday I'd go into work and people would tell me about the TDF stage they had watched and how exciting it was. Several of them actually went out and bought bikes. I think a few even rode them.

Lance-post cycling and cycling post Lance have both been a disappointment.

BTW, why are his FRS adds RUNNING instead of cycling?