Sunday, April 13, 2008

Err, ouch

Made it down to Hurricane around 1:30 Friday, super heavy southbound wind, um, pre ride was dumb. 7 miles in 30 minutes, no effort, 3 miles 35 minutes a close to race pace, due to headwind, sand and washes. Dumb.

I got the Princess Bedroom I am sooo lucky.

The race went well enough. About 8 of us at the start. SAm takes off from the gun, after the slickrock Daren and I are with him, at the hike a bike Fred comes up, as does Dork Bike. Soon after Sam falls off. We all go into the was to the long climb together, Daren bogged down a bit, I got around him an opened up a bit on him. Fred, Dork and I come into the lap together. Dork is leading going into the sick rock and drops a bottle, I get around Fred right behind, Fred gets around me and I almost eat a bush, we started to gap Dork a bit. Fred makes a push at the top of the hike a bike and I try to stay calm, Going up the long climb I see Fred up ahead and Daren closing, Daren gets past me right before the lap, but i see no one coming behind, I keep Daren and Fred in sight for a while, till right before the hike a bike, I am really suffering, I hit the wash before the long climb for the last time and feel secure in 3rd, cause i don't see anyone, Starting the climb I pass 2 sport women and turn a round and Dork yells 'What are you lookin at" I yell back, "If you pass me, I'm stopping to pee" He did, I did, I got 4th, about a minute behind dork, maybe if i hadn't of stopped, 3rd may of happened, I doubt it. Dang that hurt.

(Late Edit) The Pee stop took 42 Seconds, dang, maybe i should of waited.

Sunday we hit Gooseberry with Ryan, Jody, Ohran, Steve, Gus, Erika, Doug, Joel for a bit and a few others, Ohran got it all on video, I got zero photos. Too busy having giggly fun.

Good job everyone for doing the most pedally course of the series, add to that the longest day in the saddle in the series, Ouch.


Anonymous said...

It was so nice of you to wait or me. I was getting lonely.

Brad Mullen said...

ESPN needs to follow you two at 5 mile and do a personal touch story about what goes on during a highly competetive MTB race. That would be worth watching. Thanks for the smile.