Monday, June 13, 2011

More Lessons

1. 30 seconds separating places 1-5 at the end of a race makes that race more fun.
2. All of us in that top 5 let each other pass easily on sections where we were slower than the other. Class.
3. Being slowed to parade pace on the first DH will possibly lead to your 3rd lap being your fastest.
4. I love the DV race course, except for;
5. Running a 2x10 on that steep ass climb right after the start is a bit painful.


Rick Sunderlage said...

when you say "running" a 2x10 do you mean using that gear ratio or did you literally run up that climb? I'm not trying to be a smartass. I really am curious cuz that climb is steep and painful.

JZ said...

I hate that climb. It is a blight on an otherwise great race course. Yes, I am a wimp. Not enough to make me not race (Scout camp was enough though). Congrats on the strong ride.