Sunday, July 05, 2009

No racin' No Bloggin'

Been a while since the DV Icup. Took a trip to the mother land, nice 5 days, relaxing off the bike with the family.

Raced a few Wednesday nighters at Solitude, 1 not last place and one DNF in the 'Pro' group.

Last Saturday was a nice 3 hour tour of DV with Kathy, a few road rides thrown in between.
On Jul 4 I hit 2 laps of the new Snowbird Course, the new climb and the new 1/2 mile mini loop at the bottom will change the race dynamics completely, GO pre-ride, maybe more people will sack up and race it now:)

Today Kathy, E-Pow and I did about 3.5 in DV again, meeting at the Jordanelle exit, climbing village-heinous hill- Deer Crest- 4 points to SIlver Lake lodge, Mid Mtn to Team Big Bear, Flagstaff loop with a short Homeward bound spur, down Team Big Bear, across Mid Mtn to PCMR and bak to silver lake, down Deer crest out outlook and down spin cycle to the cars. Great day on the bike. Fun and cool at the top, about 5k of climbing and around 27 miles.

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KanyonKris said...

Looks to me like you have more fun when you're not racing. :-)