Sunday, March 02, 2008

Low Expectations

(photo borrowed from ZAZOOSH)

Friday after the day from hell, i picked up Ty and Jim Wedge and we headed down to SG for the 2008 season kick off. We had good conversation on the way down, ran into the Pilling family in Filmore. We dropped Jim off at the Hemmingway-Hales compound and headed over to the Condo the Swatch provided for us.

Went to bed, woke up and headed to albertsons for pancake fixins, ate, brought jerseys to race site for new team members and came back to condo, changed, ate some more and headed to warm up.  I got in a decent warm up, but as always the socializing-catching up, kind of delayed it, but still, a good 50 minutes were had. 

We had a decent sized group in my new 40+ cat, the start was pretty tight, as Alex L. said, like a cat five road race, but once we hit the 'single track' it began to break up. 6 of us got off the front, Hileman from Vegas, One Speed Kenny and Fred P went off and Darren, Mad Dog Karl and I were together with a huge gap growing behind us.  Karl was in front on the last DH of the first lap, Darren right on my wheel, right in the alst dip before the double track to the start finish, Karl got caught up in a shrub and wet down in the middle of the trail, Darren got around on the left, but i had to dismount and run on the right, I got back onto Darren after getting my feed from Toni P and drafted till right before the 10 foot hill, I then put some space between us, but he caught back on by the end of the first climb, we played cat and mouse for a while, passing lots of 30-39 and 19-29 riders and I just could not bring him back, still a record time for me on that course @ 1:38:30. 

The 2008 Team Replica Scalpel is the fastest bike on the planet.

So stress at work, did not destroy me, hmmm.

Cafe Rio with Sherwins, BZ, Shannifer, Ty and Kely E.  Then lter to Nielsens for custard and Danny and Kim C's for annual post race festivities, sorry Kathy, no jello shots.

Sunday the gang met up for Breakfast at Fairway and decided to bag Goulds/Jem/Hurricane in favor of less wind (HA).

Newby and Shannifer joined BZ, Kelly, Ty, Sherwins, Erika, Dusty and I for a Bear Paw-Stucki-Barrel Roll- Race course- Bear Paw ride. Good times all around. 
Newby and I had a blast on Bear paw descent, heavy tailwind on the descent and tacky soil helped me make it down in record time, with some sweet air and railed corners. 

Drove home, bleh:P

PS, I gotta give props to BK for giving me a sample Carbo Rocket can, i did a race day no-no and put it in my first bottle, and was happy with the results, I put it in all 3 bottles for the Sunday ride, I'll be ordering more.


drrna said...

Good report. I wienied, nothing new there. Not surprised you lit it up.

KanyonKris said...

Tell Jim I had a good time racing with him. He had a good gap on me the 1st lap, somehow I closed it on the second and passed him going up Rock Wash, Jim caught me on the last downhill and it was a sprint to the finish - I got lucky this time. I blogged about it here:

Jim had the power for the finish last year at 5-mile and beat me to the line by a good gap.

Good to see you there and congrats on the fast time!

Anonymous said...

You made the right choice to bag
Goulds/Jem/Hurricane. I rode it Sunday afternoon amidst snow flurries and atrocious winds. I was literally blown off the trail and into some rocks—twice; I have the scrapes to prove it. Luckily it was blowing me uphill and away from the rim.

Oh, and the cows had poked so many holes in the trail it made me wish I had a Scalpel. Almost.

Nice job on the fast time.

KanyonKris said...

I didn't take the time to look closely at your Sunday ride, but that looks like a fantastic loop! I've done Bear Pop and I'm pretty good at finding my way, is navigation a challenge? How was the section from Barrel Roll back to the Bear Pop trailhead? Any stretches of bad sand? Any other notable advice?

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks for the props glad you liked it. Good job on Saturday and I hope to be chasing you at the Cholla.