Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It is what it is

That has been the statement for the month. Work has been full of ups and lots of downs, but climbing out of it again, we will see how it all works out. For the good of all, I hope.

Tuesday night easy spin out to the Racers Make Rasberries, ran into to Rich, hung out for a while took a few pics on the way home. Nice to spin the legs out. Have been hitting dirt a lot lately so the ease of a road ride was welcomed.

Wednesday hit up Glenwild and Drop Out. Nice ride.

Cross starts on a Friday night and it looks like they have changed up the categories, no more A and A+ but they will likely have a 35+ cat every race. Single speed as well for the sick bastards. The first race is at the olympic park. The cross bike is in disrepair, i have had trouble finding good tires and the first course has a rough DH and a nice grinder climb, so looks like the hardtail will be working it.

Oh joy, at least i didn't sit on a bike for 11 hours last saturday. May as well beat your self in the narns with a ball peen hammer.

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