Friday, December 02, 2005

Goodnight and Good luck

Saw this movie earlier tonight, a few observations (disclaimer: not bike related and Mcarthy would of fried me due to my leftward leanings, well that is what my conservative father would say).

  1. It was in the smallest theatre and the Century 16 in South Salt Lake
  2. I was the youngest person there and I am 37
  3. One 50'ish couple left in a visible and audible huff about 10 minutes in
  4. The movie just ends, nice every now and again
  5. The black and white was a bit much, I mean this is the 21st century, right
  6. I enjoyed it

From what I understand the movie is true to the actual happenings, I also consider rather timely, it is amazing how history has a tendency to repeat itself. I think there is a message in there for all to hear, make up your own mind, investigate and choose.

Well I think we will get to the bike stuff now. Spent lunch at the shop, it is always amazing the things that you hear there. They had a new Cannondale Road Bike, the six 13 Pro, Dura Ace and retails for 3 grand, they can't be making much on that. I have to ride tomorrow and the snow may mean it is on the trainer, rats, maybe I'll go to the gym again.


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