Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year new races new goals

Well I have set forth my goals for 2006. They have absolutely nothing to do with a 150 mile self supported death march or a ride across a state i have never been to. More power to you who will be attempting such things. Some day I will setle down to those types of events, for now I like the pain and suffering of 2-3 hour races. I have done 1 100 miler and 2 50 milers, the 50 milers were a blast 3.5-4 hours at 75% is great, 7-10 hours at 65% is not, for me today at least. So on to the goals.

1. Consistent top 5's in Intermountaincup Races
2. Top 3 overall in Intermountaincup
3. An Intermountaincup win, Chad 'The Bull Elk' Wassmer is moving up to Pro, so I may have a chance.
4. Top 5 at National Championships - this is a crap shoot, cuse you never know who is going o show up, likely some cat 1 roadie whose time would put him in the top 5 of Semi Pro or Pro
5. At least one 5 to 6 hour ride a week . It is all about the base

I just need o stay focussed this year and keep the training consistent. I believe it is all possible. I need to race my race, not anyone elses, if I can pass them, I should pass, if I can't hold them off, let them go, I wish i was 10 years younger and at this level, I may make the upgrade to semi pro if I attain most of those goals, that way I can say I did it before I turned 40, barely.

So tonight we go to Dinner, then a formal party followed by a pajama party followed by a movie/video game party. Um, maybe I will just stay home. Tommorow we skate ski, that way I can remember what it is like to beat myself up, raise my heart rate to dangerous levels and gain very little ground all at the same time. This year I may even keep at it, I mean I bought pants just for it.

I think I will be seeing Alex at the Formal Party, as It is being thrown by the couple I believe he is stayin with, so I can talk about that crazy endurance gene with him.

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