Saturday, December 10, 2005

Painting and Snowride

So with the sister and her man coming in a week and a half it was decided that we should finish fixin up the back room. I count it as endurance exercise, cause it hurts so much and my heart rate goes up. Painted the ceiling today, Painted it white, but it goes on pink and dries white, that is just weird. Tomorrow I prime the walls, Monday, Paint the walls, Tuesday, Second coat, Wednesday, We need a rug in there, Next weekend upload the bed and other stuff. Damn that is way too much like work.

UK Basketball is begining to remind me of UK football, not so good.

Went for a MTB ride today, from the house to the ZOO on the shoreline trail over to the base of dry creek. The snow was well packed down and all rideable, a few sketchy moments on the steeps, but no worries. It was nice to get out and about

Climbing up from the Zoo

I am quite sure my HR is not supposed to be that high this time of year

Ummmm Tasty Inversion, That is Salt Lake below that muck somewhere

Dry Creek, Elizabeth Smartwas hid up there, we saw her captures regular like while riding this very popular trail, little did we know, my wife was convinced they were spiritual gurus of some sort. Well maybe they are, how would I know. Tomorrow I may ride up them hills and skid my way back down.

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