Thursday, December 08, 2005

Spin Class

Weight workout followed by a spin class last night. A 30 minute spin class, you gotta be kidding me. 30 minutes hat the heck can you get out of 30 minutes. The instructor, who I nicknamed 'The Screamer' a few years ago, stood in the fron of the class leaning on the bike with her slippers on in in a barely audible manner said, standup, yeah up your resisitance, you are climbing now. Sheesh, good thing i just was spinning at around 145 Bpm on the HR. I could do a better job in my sleep. A few people have asked me to, problem is, it does not match with my training plan at all.

The Sister and her man are coming out for Christmas. For a week, that will be some fun for sure.

It got down to 2 degrees last night, this fellar will not go ride if it is under 25. Just no reason for it.

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