Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Whew, what a weekend. Friday consisted of a trip to Antelope Island to look at Bison. Then a trip to the Gym, I had to up the weights again, ouch is all I can say. Then The sisters man did some assisted stretches for us, lower back and quad work that about killed me, man was I sore on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, Ty and I hit the road for a bit over 2 hours, it was almost 60, nice base ride. Went and saw Syriana that night, good movie, thought provoking, the inter relation between everything. I think they need to do a movie on the drug companies next.

Christmas day, woke up around 9:30, a theme for the Sister and Boyfriend visit, opened presents and geared up for Snowboarding. The slopes were empty and warm, I had on a tshirt and a shell and thin gloves, Guillermo, the sisters man, started out on the board and decided skis would be better, the sister spent the day on the bunny slope as it was her first boarding experience since 1999 at snowbird. Lyna and I did some easy runs and relaxed. Made nice fresh stir fry in the evening and watched a movie.

Monday was a lazy day, Guillermo and I went and saw King Kong, entertaining. Then we took Janis and G ice skating, i watched as my blisters from the week before were not cooperating.

Had to be at work at 6am today, to be prepared for disaster, which has not come, this afternoon we will head up to Park City for possibly some Tubing.

I need a vacation.

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