Monday, December 19, 2005

It all goes on like this...

Well day off from working out today, work was good, met with our outsourcing group, all is going well there. UK won on Saturday, it was a good game to see, thank goodness the beat Louisville. I made the mistake at looking at the UK fan board, man some people are never satisfied. I guess that is all they have time to do, I gotta stay off the boards, sometimes it makes me want to post something, then I usually start something.

3.25 months till the first race of the season, I am really looking forward to it. I hope to have a hard tail by that time, I am either getting the Canondale F4000 or the Yeti Arc. The cost is about the same, with that I will likely go with the Cannondale, Cause I gotta tell ya it is all about the LEFTY babie.

Woke up to snow and had to shovl the driveway and side walk before work, then it was like 45 degrees through the day, why couldn't it be that warm on the weekend. One of my general goals for 2006 is to get 4 to 6 hour rides on weekends, It needs to be 45 degrees or the end up being survival experiences for me. How many layers can I put on that will fit in my jersey pocket if I warm up.

1.5 days till Miami invades Utah. The Spare room is done, looks like magazine piture right now, picture in a few days.


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