Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random thoughts on a few things

There are a few anti doping websites out there today. I am in total agreement with their core message. I understand most of their motivations, I do not, however agree with their tactics and methods.

RaceClean has stated that Todd Wells Dopes, I do not know if he does or doesn't, I don't believe he does, but have no proof otherwise, this site seems to have something, I can see no proof offered other than stating something about his coach, Rick Crawford.

The Dopers Suck website is one I like, it does not play judge and jury, it only reports on those who test positive, straight from news sources. Ofcourse news sources are always Fair and Balanced, like Foxnews, but atleast they are not pointing fingers without any proof.

Stolen Underground
, this site was entertaining and the reason Matt DeCanio was fired from the Ofoto Sierra Nevada team last year. It WAS contraversial, It was kind of like a recording of multiple therapy sessions, DeCanio wrote in a sort of stream of conciousness manner, he had one failing in my mind, he accussed people without concrete proof, still and all his intent is pure. Now however his site has gone commercial, it is a coaching service, well a brothers got to eat. He has his anti-doping message on the site in a few places, but it is not the same.

Doping is a scurge on all sports, it creates an unlevel playing field. Cycling in the US has enough issues, mainly access to the under privileged. We do not need this hanging over us. The reality is people will always try and find a way around the rules, ways to win, and edge here or there. I remember a few years ago at the Wolverine Ridge Race which is the Grand Finale of the Intermountaincup series. A Clysedale Rider was DQ'd for cheating, it seems that at some point during the first lap he hid himself in the woods and some time later he turned that into his last lap and 'Won' For gods sake, it is a local race, with the winner getting a prize worth less than the entry fee. It is the clysedale class, which has no big money future, why the hell would you cheat!

Add to the equation the possibilities of millions of dollars, lets say you are Tyler Hamilton, you are decent enough to get on a Euro Pro team, your results are average, your income is OK, but if you put this stuff in your system a few times, at the right time and get away with it, you will make a crapload of money, be set for life, win a gold medal. Hell that is pretty tempting isn't it.

Recreational Drug use has a tendency to lead to addiction, I believe the same holds true for performance enhancing drug use. I believe it is a common practice in most professional sports. I also don't believe the whole Armstrongian 'I've been tested more than anyone' argument. The money is in providing the winning mixture, not the testing of it. I mean Capone gave money to the Chicago PD and no one looked at him as a saint.

Part of me believes that they should just shut down USADA, WADA etc.. and let everyone take whatever they damn well please, A whole lot of people would die and then the next generation will either make safer drugs (I don't think that is possible, drugs are foreign chemicals introduced to a well oiled machine, they cause harm, that is what they will always do) or people will realize, well that just isn't worth it.

Of course I don't use even recreational drugs, my wife has to force me to take aspirin or cold medicine. But I believe Pot, Coke, Heroin, etc should be legalized, I believe this would result in less deaths and better health, but then again I am a pinko commie bastard.

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