Friday, December 16, 2005

Office Parties and the like

Last night Lyna and I headed to the Company Holiday, Xmas, Christmas, Pagan Ritual party. She made me, as I am a big boss type, at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the people there report to me, and that freaks me out. Well JV sat with us and 'The Girls' as well as Becker and his wife Anne. The best part of the evening was the 25 dollar Gart Sports gift card raffle prize, would of preferred the IPOD shuffle, oh well. The worst, Being a big boss type I with a few others was called to the front and got to dance the YMCA, with a cowboy hat. Nice, maybe I will call HR.

The painting is progressing, Lyna successfully defended her Thesis, so now she has offered to help. Upped my leg press weights on Wednesday, my legs hurt.

Plan a Temple Quarry trail ride tomorrow. FOr those who don't know, it starts at the Mouth of Little COttonwood canyon and goes up, it will be snowy and I'm sure those headed up the Canyon to Alta and Snowbird will question my sanity, not that that is a new thing for people to do.

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